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VC – 360 Capital

360 Capital VC Venture capital


COUNTRY : France

SERIES : Seed, Series A, SerieB

BRINGS : €150,000 TO €10,000,000


They offer our entrepreneurs our expertise, network and support, helping them scale to their full potential. They are trend seekers, willing to take audacious bets on breakthrough B2B and B2C solutions.
They’ve consistently shown their ability to drive successful entrepreneurs, and they do so by joining the game early.
Throughout their investment history, they’ve demonstrated the ability to catch innovation trends (from the emergence of e-commerce to AI and robotics) ahead of anyone else in our markets.

The ever increasing interconnectedness of the world opens up unprecedented opportunities for technology-driven disruption, impacting the future.

The mission of 360 Capital is to empower entrepreneurs and support them on their perilous path to success, transforming bold innovation into outstanding ventures.

Commitment : Investing is just the beginning of a long journey
Integrity: Mutual trust, straight-talking and consistency are key
Audacity: Always look for the bold, the weird and the adventurous

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