Green Got is a new french Neobank

Startup : Green Got


Green Got is a new french Neobank
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Green-Got is a French Green Neobank founded by Maud, Fabien, Vincent & Andrea in early 2020 aiming at facilitating investment in the ecological transition for everybody even those who are not familiar with finance. Today 10 people are working on climate changes issues with passion. Our banking solution will be available in March 2021.


In France, most of the time people are seeing finance as the enemy. To be fair, they are right since despite everything they are saying they keep financing coal and oil and are taking very long term engagement (for 2035 or 2040). At Green-Got we think that Finance must be our most precious ally to tackle climate change. We need first to disinvest from those asset and instead start financing clean energy and to protect biodiversity. While people are taking a lot of effort in their everyday life, reducing the meat they are eating, reducing flights they are taking they do not have a simple and easy solution to reduce their money carbon footprint.
This is what we do at Green-Got.


Green-Got offers a Green checking account & an even greener saving account ! The checking account calculates all the CO2 emitted by the user’s consumption but also the direct impact of the account (Ie the impact of the money itself) and allows the user to offset it.
The saving account let the user decide between a selected range of investment to finance either renewables energies, water cleaning, forest protection, a better agriculture or all of them !
User can access all these features with our app, which is super easy to use intuitive & allow everyone to protect the planet.


As Green-Got help to fund the ecological transition and the protection of the planet and its biodiversity, it matches with a lot of those goals but mostly  :
# 6 Clean Water & sanitation
#7 Affordable & Clean Energy
#12 Responsible production and consumption
#13 Climate Action
#14 Life below water
#15 life on Land


We are really innovating in the way we are bringing all of those financing solution to the market, in the hand of everybody. Financing the transition use to be something for the Finance professional, with Green-Got everybody can do it, it’s easy, simple and secure. We partner with the best finance institution to offers user the best solution.


The amount collected to fund the protection of the planet and disinvested from the fossil fuel industry is a first step but we need to evaluate the direct benefit from those investment, that’s why in our app we’ll show the personal impact but also the total Green-Got user impact on the planet.

Also the fact that more and more traditional bank are switching to a greener way of doing bank is seen as a success for us. We are showing them that there is a demand from the consumer.

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