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AIVision Better understanding and more effective treatment of retinal pathologies
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Today the average time to obtain an ophthalmology consultation is too long and the current International numbers show that the need for Opthalmlogy care will outpace the Ophthalmology availability in the next years. AiVision is helping reduce the world’s 3 leading causes of blindness by speeding up screening for: Diabetic Retinopathy, AMD and Glaucoma. Based on its innovative Artificial Intelligence powered teleophthalmology solution, aiVision enables the ophthalmologist to accelerate the diagnosis of images taken remotely by non-medical health professionals and thus early detect the leading diseases of the vision.


AiVision is a teleophthalmology platform augmented by artificial intelligence algorithms to improve the detection and early diagnosis of retinal diseases. It is a solution that combines advanced retinal imaging and clinical image interpretation services provided by a network of healthcare professionals and ophthalmologists. Thanks to the data science issued from the learnings of hundreds of thousands of fundus scans, the ophthalmologist receives additional help to support his/her diagnosis. AiVision was developed by and for ophthalmologists and healthcare professionals to improve the management of vision diseases and patient support over time. The solution also benefits private payers (insurers, complementary health insurance) or public (Health Insurance in France) by improving their technical results.


Blindness increases everyday around the world caused mainly by Diabetic Retinopathy, AMD and Glaucoma.

With our solution we can:

  • Enable early detection to population more exposed with management of vision diseases and patient support over time, which will contribute in risk reduction and management of national and global health risks.
  • Contribute in the access to quality, effective and affordable essential health-care services for patients while improving health professional accuracy results.
  • Assist population with vision threatening diseases through prevention and diagnostics solutions to promote good health and well-being.


Based on over +100,000 fundus images, we are able to detect early the signs of the pathology in less than 2 seconds. The company started in École Polytechnique (6th World’s Best Engineering school) where it continues to be incubated to improve the quality of its AI algorithms leveraging over 15 years in Ophthalmology specific Artificial Intelligence and is the first and only startup to be incubated at the Rothschild Ophthalmology Foundation.


Completely integrated into the daily practice of healthcare professionals, it allows them to generate additional patient flow. We are reducing ophthalmology consultation waiting time from 6 months to a few seconds with the same quality and the same cost for French Public health insurance. To date, our solution is targeted at helping non-ophthalmologist to identify early signs of the 3 leading causes of blindness in the world (Diabetic Retinopathy, AMD and Glaucoma) and enable the Ophthalmologists to focus on the Patients who are most at need. With an accuracy rate of over 95% for screening for diabetic retinopathy, aIVision solution is currently under FDA-clearing evaluation and is already CE-marked. A solution used by more than 90 reading centers including 8 public and private hospitals in France and 4 countries. Therefore, we would evaluate our success by our users long-lasting trust, our patients’ recognition of knowing they are in good hands and health.

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